Emergency Dentist, Hereford

Do You Need an Emergency Dentist?

Are you in pain? Don’t have a dentist but need to see one quickly? Then Hay-on-Wye Dental Centre can help you - please contact us to book an appointment.

Our Guarantee
  • Your treatment will always be painless, calm and gentle

  • You will always be given a treatment plan and be fully aware of costings going forward

  • You will always be in control

  • Call us for a same day appointment


From £150 fee will include:

  • Initial Assessment

  • X-Rays (if required)

  • Temporary Filling (if required)

  • Antibiotics (if required)

From £250 fee will include:

  • Initial Assessment

  • X-Rays (if required)

  • Antibiotics (if required)

  • Open and dress the tooth

  • Tooth Extraction (See below for more information)

We offer 3 different types of extraction for our patients:

  1. ​​Simple Tooth Extraction £150

  2. Difficult Tooth Extraction £200

  3. Surgical Tooth Extraction – £250

Note: We take a £75 deposit over the phone to book your appointment

Terms of Use: The term ‘same day appointment’ refers to the space in the dentist diary. We will offer appointments to the best of our ability, but you may be asked to sit and wait until the dentist is able to see you.