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Costs & Plans

Your Choice

Making our treatment available to all is our number one aim.  We aim to help by offering a range of membership plans to cover the cost of your routine care.

Practice Plan

Save on routine examinations and hygiene visits with our pay monthly practice plan. Patients on the plan will also receive treatment at a discounted rate - please see the pricing table below for more information.


  • Adult Plan 1: £20.00 per month; Includes 1 examination and 2 hygiene appointments.

  • Adult Plan 2: £32.50 per month; Includes 1 examination and 4 hygiene appointments.

  • Children's Plan (5-11 years): £8.50 per month; Includes 2 examinations.

  • Children's Plan (12-17 years): £14.00 per month; Includes 2 examinations and 1 hygiene appointment.

To sign up to a plan or for more information, please contact us.

What's the Cost?

Before deciding the most suitable option for you, your own dentist here at the practice will recommend your Treatment Plan and discuss the options to you. We believe in providing as much flexibility as possible to patients. If you have any questions, contact us.

Prices may vary due to materials used/surgery time allocated, quotes given at time of consultation. In order to benefit from the discounted practice plan fees, you must be registered on the plan for a minimum of 28 days.


All new patients are required to pay in full when booking your first appointment.

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